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Information Technology Recruiting Partner and Careers
The IT practice at Leslie Kavanagh Associates
(LKA) serves a wide array of technology staffing needs ranging from "C" to all levels of Software Development, Infrastructure Engineering and Administration. Our assignments are typically with top firms utilizing leading edge technologies. Technology is the engine that talented people use to drive business

Our clients have learned that our integrity-focused approach allows us to leverage our proven expertise in technology team building to best serve their strategic needs. To this end we have developed a proven process that requires a relatively brief investment of time at the inception of the search. This allows us to understand the dynamics of the environment, the technical, business specific, and interpersonal skills that will be required for the position. Information Technology Career Candidate

Furthermore, we seek to empower our clients to maximize the selection of qualified candidates available to them. This is achieved through our knowledge of the market place and by consulting with our clients on the best approach to structure either the role or the team. By leveraging the existing strengths of members in their organization and the availability of candidates with specific skill sets, we have helped numerous clients avoid pitfalls while at the same time provided a larger talent pool to draw upon. We use all of the above to quickly generate a targeted short list of only qualified technologists insuring a speedy and trouble free hire.

Our candidates know that we take the time to gain a thorough understanding of their short term and long-term goals. Whenever possible, we seek to consult with our candidates to help sculpt their careers and guide them toward positions where they will have the opportunity to take their business, technical and / or managerial skills to the next level. We understand that growth, learning and the ability to make a meaningful contribution are important to our candidates and ultimately the key to a successful placement.

Case Study: After assisting our client, a top 5 global hedge fund, double its IT staff, the CIO turned to our IT Practice Director for further counsel. Due to the client's rapid growth and increased business demands, management instructed the CIO to move forward with several initiatives that had been proposed for the future. This required yet another major staffing effort that would grow the IT organization beyond the reasonable capability of his management team as it was currently structured. The following human capital issues, including the integration of old and new staff, unavoidable interpersonal challenges, and the need to quickly acquire leading edge technical talent and bring them up to speed in business-specific knowledge further complicated these efforts. Having a solid understanding of the capabilities of their current staff and the talent pool available in the market, we were able to help the CIO create, define and successfully recruit a new business liaison function. The selected candidate bolstered the management team, enhancing the business knowledge and strategic value offered to the business units. This approach effectively resolved the CIO's problem without the disruption of further reorganization. 

This Practice is only a retained service.

Please feel free to contact one of our team at IT@LKAsearch.com