Why Use the LKA Process?
  • 36 years on the PATH of CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT PROCESS . . . and still counting.
  • Tens of thousands of Strategic Talent Aquisitions.
  • Evolving Engagement Process creates a "filtered transparency" amongst all participants.
  • Transformation and crystallization.
  • High level Integration of the Human Experience and Commercial Enterprise.
  • Calibration and Benchmarking.

Since 1973, LKA has been assisting an extensive and continuously growing list of Fortune 500 and emerging companies in meeting their needs for world-class professionals.

We’ve built our portfolio of client partners domestic, international and global, by providing a strategic process driven by an acute ability to gather knowledge, analyze trends and apply management intelligence to consultatively implement an action plan.

We focus on Business Transformation, or facilitators on the “road of continuous improvement.” By engaging the true motivations of both sides in our process, the net result is a greater recognition of the dynamics in any potential relationship and ultimately, greater effectiveness in the facilitation of successful professional unions.

LKA’s expertise begins with a talented group of highly-trained professional consultants. Each credentialed consultant is a subject matter expert in one of our three Practice Areas: Human Capital, Information Technology and Strategic Procurement/Global Supply Chain. Team based practice areas, as well as cross-practice collaborative exchanges, facilitate the broadest, “best practice” and benchmarking knowledge among all LKA consultants.

Our strategic process includes targeted selection, assessment, negotiation and placement; we strive for long-term retention and relationship satisfaction. We are aware that by combining our talent as “information exchange experts” with our proven ability to establish long-term relationships (with both client and candidate), the ultimate breakthrough is compelling.

Looking to the future, we continue to be instrumental in proactively working with our clients to determine upcoming talent needs to support their corporate objectives.

Please feel free to contact our corporate office at: corp@LKAsearch.com